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Wig Guide

Our units are made with a crochet breathable mesh cap. There are mainly 2 sizes to choose from. The cap sizes are Regular( which fits most). We also offer extra large (extra space for braids or longer hair). You can also request adjustment straps for extra security. 

wig cap.jpg

Crochet Wig Cap

The crochet wig caps are a breathable mesh cap with small to large holes for interlocking hair. The caps usually come with 3 combs sewn in on the nape and one by each ear lobe. These caps are comfortable and secure. Bobby pins are suggested for more security. These caps come in two sizes regular and extra large.

u part.jpg

U-part Crochet Wig Cap

U-part crochet caps are a great choice if you want a little more versatility for your crochet style. The u-part opening helps achieve the most natural looking part. You can comb your hair over to blend or add some crochet pieces in to cover your hair,

ocean wave.jpg

Crochet Hair Choices

Crochet hair has different care requirements than natural hair. Crochet hair is made out of synthetic fibers that mimics natural curled or straightened hair. Crochet hair also last longer and keeps its luster up to 12 months. Crochet hair comes in a variety of colors and styles. Placing your unit into a satin bag  will preserve your unit. Don't add any heavy oils or gels to the hair. Use your fingers to detangle your unit.

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