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Crochet Wigs How to care for your natural hair and wig unit.

Oils: Oiling of the hair not only provides nourishment, but is the best way to deal with dryness. It is also an excellent pre-shampoo treatment and helps the natural distribution of oils along the hair shaft.

Hair Net/ Satin Bags: Placing your unit in a hair net and satin bag will prolong the life of your unit. This prevents your unit from constant friction and rubbing causing tangles and knots.

Finger Detangling: When styling your unit and moving hair into place use your fingers. Do not use a comb or brush. Using any tool can cause the hair to become frizzy and loosen the tied knots from the cap.

Hair Spray and oils: Do not use spritz or heavy oil sheen on your unit. Spraying oils and products on hair will weigh the hair down and cause it loose its body and bounce. Use a light mousse with no alcohol on curls and units with silky texture.

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