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tv)Q: Why are three different syntaxes of a URL available? Here's the same link that is being queried. The element and the Javascript are just fine. The syntax in the URL is a bit harder to figure out. Is it possible that the browser is just making a best guess? The source of this page is hosted on a server from somewhere. I'm looking for a definitive answer. Perhaps a link to some RFC or other source to see why this is the case. A: The reason for these 3 different ways to specify a link is that the part is optional and can be omitted, the part is optional and can be omitted, and the is just a convention that a browser should make reasonable attempts to keep the same protocol as the linked resource (e.g. for http links from the scheme is for https links from it is for ftp links from, it is, for gopher links from gopher://, it is gopher://, for files:// links from files://, it is files://, for jabber: links from jabber://, it is jabber://, and for mailto: links from mailto://, it is mailto:// The answer is exactly what had been said, the URL specification of the hyperlink has been devised to make the URL easy to read for people, and computers understand the protocol type of the link. And if you see that the link is an http one, it will append the to the protocol. I have seen the term "RFC" (also seen as "RFC1738




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DLC Boot 2016 V3.1 Build 160415 Final FIX Free Download

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